Sunday, 28 February 2016

Anyone out there? (I'm back)

The most forgetful blogger returns-perhaps.

I started this blog as I love reading them, and enjoy writing, so thought it was a great idea to combine the two. I did enjoy it, but after a while trying to take photos on a less than amazing camera (combined with my less than amazing artistic skills) and dislike of computers, meaning I couldn't make the blog look the way I wanted got to me. Fitting it in around doing my AS levels and trying to have something resembling a social life was tricky too. Plus the fact that after all that I wasn't even sure that anyone was reading what I'd written (I did it for my own enjoyment, but its nice to have some form of encouragement as well I suppose) meant that I got a bit disheartened.

When I was blogging previously, I didn't have a job, and so couldn't afford much makeup etc so I guess after a while I kind of ran out of makeup related things that interested me. And I am the worlds worst selfie taker so never felt confident enough to demonstrate me wearing said products.

But I feel kind of like I'd like to start blogging again. I'm not sure whats changed. I think I'm become more comfortable with my own writing style, and actually reading my own words. I been reading Hannah Gales blog for a while now (and stalking her instagram and twitter-she's so fab) and I love the way that she's so real, admitting that she's not the best at makeup, or when she's having a crap day. She's hugely relatable, and blogs about things important to her such as mental health (and fashion-I always wish I was cool enough to carry off what she wears). Anyway, this wasn't meant to turn into me creepily saying how much I love Hannah. I guess what I'm trying to say is that through reading her I've realised that actually what I want to do is blog in a chattier way, about things I love, or issues I care about. So I'm going to try and blog again. I'm going to try and put less pressure on myself to make it perfect, worry less about the quality of the photos and start to blog about different things. Makeup still, (I love nail polish too much to stop talking about it) but also more personal posts (we'll see how long that takes-I hate actually admitting that I have emotions #Britishmuch) as well as money saving tips. I have a job now, but one of my favourite things is getting stuff (food or fashion) for less than the RRP-I always feel as though I'm cheating the system somehow.

So-I will try and blog again. I'm not sure how long it'll last or how regular my posts will be. I'd love it if people re started to read my stuff again (if you do read this, please say hello-it makes me feel good) but I'm going to give it a go.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What I'm Currently Loving

It's a bit of a mixed one this month. Two lovely smellng things, and one fairly potent smelling one.

This Bath and Bodyworks candle in Market peach has a very sweet, but still pleasant smell. I never really burn candles in my bedroom because I'm slightly paranoid about forgetting it's there and burning the house down, so instead it just sits on my bookcase and remember about it
from time to time and smell it.

This Jack Wills body spray, whch I got in a set of three for my birthday also has a nice scent- a fairly fake sweet floral one but pleasant nonetheless.

 I've also been using the avon nail corrector regularly recently. It has a small nib which is coated in nail polish remover, meaning you can remove any polish from around your nails easily. I'm very messy when I paint my nails, preferring the approach which involves putting the brush vaguely near my nails and hoping for the best. This comes in very handy.

 Helen x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

8 things I want to do this Summer

It was my last AS exam today, and I am now officially free for the summer! Actually, I'm not: I have to go back into college on the 8th for 'A2 fortnight' It's such a pain, I only have 4 days free before I'm back again. Oh the joys.
To cheer myself up, I thought I'd come up with a list of all the things (big and small) I want to do this summer.

1) Get a job
Ok, maybe not the most fun thing in the world, but I'd really like to find a part time job. I'd like to have a bit more cash, so I can do all the rest of the things on my list! I've applied for a couple, so fingers crossed!

2) Travel
Generic one, but something I'd like to do all the same. I'm going on a family holiday to Sweden, which I'm super excited about-I can't wait for the pretty lakes and cabins and forests and IKEA! I'd like to do some travelling on a smaller scale too though-day trips with friends to cities nearby on the train.

3) Read
I love reading, but it's taken a back seat during exam period (unless sociology revision guides count) and I've got a stack of books I'd like to get stuck into.

4) Exercise 
I've recently got back into running, but again, I haven't been out as much as I'd like due to revision. Although I enjoy it I've just been too tired to go on a regular basis. So I'd like to start going more and building up my fitness, especially as I'm considering joining my college running club next year and I don't want to get left behind! As well as running, I want to get back the exercise videos I enjoy doing (most are from fitness blender) just to get a bit fitter.

5) Blog
Definitely on my to-do list (it's been sitting there patiently for a while). I want to devote more time to writing posts, but also trying to improve my blog layout. If I say it enough, I'll do it. Probably.

6) Socialise 
I love all my friends a lot, but don't see them nearly as much as I'd like to. Three of my close friends live in the same town as me, but the others live in villages which involves a lot of lifts from parents for us all to meet up, but hopefully we can organise ourselves into lots of coffee dates, shopping trips, picnics by the river and walks. Looking forward to it lots.

7) Cook and Bake
My mums a really good cook, and is always creating lovely healthy meals for us all, as well as lots of cakes, so there's never been any huge incentive to learn to cook! I can cook, and used to make tea once a week with my sister which we all enjoyed, but it sort of stopped for no particular reason. I'd like to start making some more (simple) meals and sweet treats, because nothing tastes better than something you've made yourself. Actually, that's a lie. The brownie from the Bakery in town tastes better than anything I could ever whip up. You get the gist though.

8) Knit
My mum taught me to knit a while ago and I'm terrible at it. I always get myself all mixed up and drop stitches and have to get her to fix it all for me. The blanket I'm working on for some miniature human is wonky and messy, but I'm quite proud of it. I'd like to pick it back up again, because when it goes right it's very calming to do in front of the TV. Maybe I'll even have finished the blanket by the time I'm I'm 92, who knows!

Friday, 22 May 2015

My New Favourite Blush

My makeup collection definitely isn't huge, by anyone's standards, but the thing I own most of is blush. I don't know why, there's just something so pretty about it that draws me to it, and I think it makes such a difference to a tired face (which mine always seems to be). This Max Factor Creme Puff Blush is the most recent addition to my collection and I'm loving it. They have a baked formula, similar to that of the Hourglass ones. I like the compact packaging, and I can imagine that it'll be a while before I hit the pan, as a little goes a long way.

I have it in the shade Lavish Mauve, a lovely dusty pink which would work well on fair to medium skin to give a good subtle colour.

 Helen x

Monday, 18 May 2015

Belated Birthday Presents

Despite it being my birthday about a month ago, I only got my presents from some of my friends recently (and have yet to receive them from others). This normally happens most years since we're pretty forgetful as a group, but this year it was an even longer delay because I don't go to the same school as most of them any more and so don't see them as much (sad face). Its actually really good in a way though because it just means my birthday extends over several weeks-or months, since a couple of them still haven't given it to me.

Anyway, one of my recent belated birthday presents was a lip butter from Korres. Korres is a Greek brand, with their products based on homeopathic practices and herbal, natural ingredients. The lip butter contains Shea butter and Rice wax, which means its really nourishing. I tend to find with  lot of tinted balms that I have to apply balm underneath as they  dry out my lips, but this one is very hydrating.

I have it in the shade Quince-I love their names for colours, with this product also available in Pomegranate, Guava, Jasmine and Wild Rose. Wild Rose looks particularly lovely-a deep red. Quince is a medium rosy pink, and just gives a nice sheer wash of colour. I don't really like wearing colour on my lips, so this is perfect.

What's your favourite lip product?

Helen x

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Missing in Action: Exam Season (plus ponderings)

Great title I've got going there-nice and catchy. 

Lately, you may have noticed my absence from the blogging world * Sadly, we've come round to that time of the year again-exams. Oh how I've missed them. I'm doing my AS levels at the moment, and they are hard. GCSEs aren't easy, and they certainly didn't feel it at the time, but they are so much better than A-levels. I take Politics, Sociology, Geography and English Language, and sometimes it feels like if I just took politics I'd still have revision coming out of my ears. 
Anyway, what I am trying to say is that there will continue to be less posts from me for a little while, although I'll try and fit it in when I can.

*On a side note, I'm not really sure anyone will have, if I'm honest with myself. I'm a pretty bad blogger. I tend to skim read all those 'how to increase your audience in 67 quick and easy steps' and don't do any thing they tell me. So I'd guess I've got a pretty small audience. I really enjoy blogging though, so I am (honestly) going to try to dedicate more time to it and then maybe this little corner of the internet will expand. Even if it doesn't I'm going to carry on, because it's fun. 
There, that's the pointless rambling finished. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Purchase: Eye Shadow Stick

For my birthday I asked my sister for an eyeshadow stick, having heard lots of good things about them. She chose the Bourjois Colorband 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner in the shade 04 Rose Fauviste. There's five shades currently availible, which I'd quite like to try some more of. Rose Fauviste is a pink, shimmery colour.

I really like the idea of this product-a crayon like eye colour to use as liner (which I haven't tried, though I imagine the darker shades would work well) or as an all over the lid colour. It blends really easily to give a nice wash of colour which can easily be built up. it is quite shimmery however, or at least this shade is, so if you're after something more matte perhaps steer clear. Whilst it looks like a fairly pigmented colour when swatching, it isn't as intense on the eyes. I quite like this as it makes it more subtle, but it's definitely not on a par pigment wise with my other fave  'slap some on blend it with your finger and you're good to go' eyeshadows, the Maybelline Colour Tattoos.

All in all, a nice product and a good introduction to shadow sticks. 

Any shadow sticks I should try?

Helen x